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Gottex Swimsuits

Gottex swimsuits combine the best there is between modern styling and good old-fashioned taste and modesty. Using the latest materials to produce sleek stretchable fabric that helps you in the water, Gottex swimsuits are designed for both privacy and protection. Get them here at and get a superb selection, superior savings, and customer service satisfaction second to none!

Nothing says Israeli ingenuity like Gottex swimsuits, for though initially a Hungarian raincoat company, relocating to the Holy Land has resulted in a revamped product line! While it doesn't rain too much in Israel, the people do love the water and much of the population are very religious. Specially designed Gottex swimsuits combine the modest with the practical, covering up but never hindering, allowing for complete freedom of movement in all water sports and activities!

That is why we count our Gottex swimsuits among our proudest offerings here at, the internet super-source for all kinds of modest swimwear that are stylish and exciting. Our public bathing apparel are never boring even though they provide privacy for modest women while also affording a good deal of protection from the sun and even light debris. And now thanks to the unbelievably low discount prices here, every women of modest heart and means can enjoy beautiful feminine designs that are both fashionable and practical to wear!

Choose and look no further for the quality and savings you deserve on the most demure designs that also happen to be imaginative and pretty. For it takes more ingenuity to work within constraints than without any! And for many women, modesty in dress is a virtue, a point of pride and not a source of shame. Like no other company anywhere online or off, understands the delicate balance between what is chic and what is tasteful. is a woman-owned company, after all, founded in response to just the kind of dilemma many face around the world, and over just about twenty years in the business we are still dedicated to helping you cover up at the beach or by the poolside so that you can feel comfortable being yourself. Our Gottex swimsuits will allow you to fully participate and enjoy all kinds of waterborne activities while still dressing conservatively. No longer do you need to choose between your principles and your comfort; choose and choose to have fun with water without ever feeling embarrassed again!
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