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It Figures Swimwear

Looking for great slimming, form-enhancing aquatic apparel at great prices? Then look to and look no further for It Figures swimwear that flatter your figure with seven different categories designed to fit every body type!

Finding the right bathing suit is easy now thanks to It Figures swimwear from We are the internet super-sensation for bargain deals on great-looking alternatives to today's skimpy semi-nude outfits so that you can fully enjoy water activities again without compromising on your principles! We are a woman-owned company that is intimately familiar with the age-old dilemma of finding something to wear for the beach or pool that is modest yet stylish, and we have dedicated almost twenty years now to personally fitting women and girls for modest juniors swimwear that don't cost extra for being specialty non-mainstream items. That's why we are so pleased to offer great It Figures swimwear - so that you can have fun at the water without hindrance or embarrassment!

We are also proud to support a woman-positive company like It Figures, staffed by women with women-created women-centric designs. A portion of the proceeds from every sale is also donated to fund advanced research at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. Giving back to the community is how we like to do business here, too, and we start by saving you money right from the get-go with low discount prices on our incredible inventory of specialty swimming apparel for modesty, juniors, maternity, and plus sizes!

Shop to cover up and reveal your principles and true self with great designs for water-wear that protects your privacy. We are dedicated to developing and offering modesty solutions for women in need of alternative swimwear that are pretty but practical. Moreover, shop and get the best bargains anywhere, online or off! Modest prices, modest styles, practical and beautiful. And fun.

What Is Modesty?

It is unfortunate that many people associate modesty with shyness or even shame, but true modesty has nothing to do with such matters. Real modesty as understood traditionally is nothing but the down-playing of oneself, either of one's own accomplishments or, especially, those qualities with which one has simply been blessed. Modesty is not about oneself, but others : we are modest so that others should not feel uncomfortable, whether out of a sense of inadequacy on their part or a sense of undeserved praise on ours. Modesty is closely tied to humility, the one virtue that makes possible all the others.
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