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Maternity Swimsuits

Welcome to and welcome to our collection of maternity swimsuits that are as beautiful as motherhood itself! has been supplying women and girls of modest tastes and sensibilities for almost two decades with swimming apparel that allows them to cover up while still providing the degree of movement needed to fully participate in all activities. In or out of the water, our maternity swimsuits are modest yet stylish, and practical and affordable as well as fun! is a woman-owned company that was founded to present today's ladies with alternatives to the skimpy apparel offered by mainstream outlets. So shop and choose the selection and savings you deserve!

Our thoughtful maternity swimsuits include such helpful features as nursing options, removable cups, and sports-bra-like support. Being pregnant doesn't mean you have to give up on enjoying the beach or the pool; some of our maternity apparel can still be beautifully worn after your pregnancy! Neither does dressing conservatively mean you need to be uncomfortable, for the designs available here on allow you to cover up without compromising on your ability to move freely. If the thought of donning bathing suits during pregnancy fill you with fear, then check out our great line-up of quality maternity swimsuits that redefine what is possible!

Find out what others have been talking about for the past twenty years; get your swimming outfits from and get them for low discount prices that will leave you with more money for your day at the beach! means classic timeless styling that allow you to enjoy the water while also enjoying your privacy. Think when in the market for fine maternity wear for the water that are modest, fun, practical, and affordable. Choose and look no further for the modesty in the 21st Century that's feminine, with good old-fashioned taste and sensibility. Modest prices, modest styles, practical and beautiful. And fun.


A persistent fear of water that is beyond the sufferer's control, often influencing daily life, aquaphobia in the most extreme cases can be experienced even when it is realized that there is no imminent threat present. As a result, activities such as swimming are avoided, even when basic swimming and floatation skills have actually been mastered! Being unexpectedly splashed with water can also trigger intense anxiety in suffrers.
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